Wiring a 1974 VW Karmann Ghia – Fuse Box

The best advice I can give to anyone who just purchased their first air cooled Volkswagen is  check the fuse box!  If you can not or do not heed that first piece of advice, carry a fire extinguisher!  It’s the only thing that will prevent irreparable harm to your classic.  If you listen to neither of these pieces of advice, you have been warned!!  An improperly wired and/or fused classic Volkswagen can and will cause fires.  

Over its lifetime, your Volkswagen’s fuse box has seen many different configurations and owners.  You’ll often find blue fuses (25 amp) in the fuse box even though owner’s manual calls for nothing higher than 16 amps.  These 25 amp fuses were often installed by previous owners to support large sound systems which have since been removed.  The unsafe fuses, unfortunately, remain.  Consult your owners manual and install only the fuses described therein.

All fuses are rated for 8 amp. (white) with the exceptions of Fuse 9 and 10 which are rated at 16 amp (red).  If you discover any 25 amp fuses, replace them with the factory specified fuse immediately.

Fuse 1 – Parking Light (Left), Parking Light (Right), Side Marker Light (Left), Side Marker Light (Right), Tail Light (Left)
Fuse 2 – Tail Light (Right), License Lights
Fuse 3 – Low Beam (Left)
Fuse 4 – Low Beam (Right)
Fuse 5 – High Beam Indicator Light, High Beam (Left)
Fuse 6 – High Beam (Right)
Fuse 7 – Accessories
Fuse 8 – Emergency Flashers
Fuse 9 (16 amp) – Buzzer, Interior Light, Clock
Fuse 10 (16 amp) – Rear Window Defogger, Windshield Wiper
Fuse 11 – Stop Lights, Warning Light ATF (trailer hauling only), Horn, Control Valve
Fuse 12 – Turn Signals, Turn Signal Indicator, Warning Light, Brake Warning Light, Generator Warning Light, Oil Pressure Warning Light, Fuel Gauge

Fuse Box – 1974 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia


Fuse 13 – Inline fuse between coil and backup light switch.  8 amp.
Fuse 14 – Inline fuse between

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