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GhiaI’m excited to be joining the Beyond Me team as a contributor in the area of classic cars, more specifically, classic Volkswagen air cooled vehicles.  The purpose of these entries will be to share my understanding and experience with classic VW air cooled cars/buses with our readers and contributors.  Topics to be covered include:

Selecting a Classic VW :: How to pick your classic VW project.  Which air cooled vehicle are you interested in?  Where to find it and what to look for when you find it.

Engine Maintenance :: How to keep your air cooled engine in top running shape.  Covering both preventive and corrective maintenance as well as troubleshooting common issues.

Electrical Wiring :: One of the first projects I’ll be sharing is a complete rewiring of a 1974 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Coupe.  The original wiring was painted all red from overspray during a previous paint job and recently caught fire.  The car is still drivable but needs an electrical facelift.   I’ll be sharing that information with you!

Interior ::  ideas to make the daily driver look a little better on the inside.  Further down the line we’ll be looking at a complete restoration of the Ghia’s interior.

Body Work ::  almost all 40 year vehicles need attention in this area.  First we’ll be sanding, priming, sealing, and undercoating the wheel wells and underside.  Along the way we’ll also need to weld a panel replacement for the jack area under the rear passenger seat.

What You Want to See (WYWS) ::  if you’re stumped and need help or just can’t find that darn backup light switch send us a suggestion and we’ll see if we can help —

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