Quick Look – OSX: Tip of the Day

Use ‘Quick Look‘ to view the contents of a file without opening the file with its associated application. This preview feature is especially useful with multimedia files (images, videos, music).  From the Finder application find a file you would like to preview.  In this example a video file (m4v) called Terminator.m4v.

Do one of the following…

1) Press the Spacebar on your keyboard.
2) Click the Quick Look icon ||||
3) Right/control click over the file and select Quick Look ” “

The following is the result with a video file (m4v).  You can freely navigate the folder/directory with arrow keys to see other quick views.

[cvg-video videoId=’4′ width=’700′ height=’525′ mode=’playlist’ /]

Quick View was introduced with the Mac OS X Leopard (version 10.5).  Screenshots and walkthrough from Mac OS X Mountain Lion  (version 10.8.2) using Finder (version 10.8.1).

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